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Hotel 5 estrellas ABaC Barcelona

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Heaven Spa Therapy

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, offers exclusive and luxury products specific for men and women. Specially created with natural and organic ingredients perfectly combined to work in total synergy and to create an anti-aging effect on the skin. Deborah Mitchell, with more than 25 years of experience as a therapist, made its range of treatments for skin care using her extensive knowledge in ancient herbal remedies. The power of nature in harmony with the most innovative techniques. Heaven products contains the magical bee venom, an ingredient that causes a tightening effect on the facial muscles, smoothes and firms the skin, providing moisture. Lines and wrinkles disappears, giving a radiant face with a youthful appearance. The treatments you can enjoy in AbaC Spa are:
A non-surgical healing facial. The LIA therapy is the first spiritual and physical facial treatment designed to treat body, soul and mind, providing a total welfare spectacular results.
Duration: 1h15min
150 €
Face-Bee Sting Treatment
Bee venom, natural "Botox" to combat the signs of fatigue, aging, fine lines, bags, pigmentation, sagging, ... Your skin will feel totally revitalized, radiant and younger.
Duration: 1h
135 €

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